Same Day (SDX):
Same day delivery to most major cities! Lodged on the first available flight and delivered within 1hour of the flight arriving at the destination airport.
Inter-City Sameday (ICS):
Delivery within 1 HOUR from time of pick up! Pertains to local In-city deliveries only
This service ensures that goods are uplifted in the morning before 11am & delivered before 5pm the same day OR uplifted in the afternoon and delivered before 12pm the next day
Overnight Express (ONX):
A reliable overnight express - delivery by or before 11am the next working day (Major Centres Only)
Next Day Service: (NDS)
Our Next Day  service is delivered to main centre's with in 24 to 48 hrs depending on the destination
International Service (INTL):
Our integrated network ensures a fast and efficient door-to-door global delivery service
Economy Road Freight:
Highly cost effective deliveries within 48-72hrs for non-time-sensitive large/bulk consignments
Cross Border Express:
Consistent affordable cross border transport services ensures that your goods arrive at their destination safely and on time. Every shipment is treated with importance and its safety is our top priority.
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